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              Building Excellence. . .

              Adam Ismail Construction Company AICC) is an integrated group spanning Construction, Real Estate and Infrastructure development. Adam Ismail Construction Group comprises of Adam Ismail Construction, Adam Ismail Infrastructure and Adam Ismail Real Estate Corporation. mainThe group specializes in technically complex, new-age construction in infrastructure projects, as well as Commercial, Residential, Integrated projects and townships.

              Adam Ismail Construction Company has made an unmatched contribution to civil engineering landmarks, having executed over 150 Industrial Halls, round 240 Residential Homes, 07 Commercial Malls, 200 Kms of Roads and expressways. Adam Ismail is also enlist in NHA (National Highway Authority) to construct roads on their behalf.

              Adam Ismail is dedicated to its client's design and construction needs to Build their Dreams, provide Building Solutions, Build with Integrity, and Build strong Relationships. When we fulfill these needs, we are indeed Building Excellence. Our commitment has allowed Adam Ismail Construction Company to become one of the largest contractors in Faisalabad and rank in the top 50 contractors in Pakistan.

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              Core Business. . .

              DesignAICC has the people, equipment, construction materials, experience and bonding capacity to complete most any size project on time and on budget. AICC is a major employer and community supporter throughout Pakistan.

              We operate local facilities that provide quality aggregates, sands, asphalt concrete and other construction materials in addition to employing one of the largest construction forces in each of these territories. Benefit from our experienced field supervision, skilled labor force and quality materials by partnering with AICC on your next project. Adam Ismail Construction Company is committed to providing quality construction services and materials to private industry, companies, owners and public agencies.

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